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Geocomputation for Geoscience: Crowdsourcing

PhD student and King’s Geocomputation member Alejandro Coca-Castro attended Europe’s premier geosciences event, The European Geoscience Union (EGU) General Assembly, in Vienna, Austria (April 24th – 28th 2017). In addition to presenting his preliminary PhD results in the session “Monitoring the Sustainable Development Goals with the huge Remote Sensing archives”, Alejandro kindly dedicated part of his attendance at EGU to capture the emerging Geocomputation fields applied to Geosciences, and in particular for land and biosphere research. In this post Alejandro summarises the latest advances in crowdsourcing presented at EGU, which he sees as one of the two main emerging fields revolutionizing the data-driven analysis allows knowledge-production.

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Humanitarian Mapping Night

On Monday 21st March 2016, Faith Taylor and I managed to organize a MissingMaps mapathon here at KCL.

What follows is not a mere report of the event (it’s been great fun, just look at the pictures!), but rather an attempt to cover certain aspects of a mapathon which usually might be overlooked, and that I instead consider to be of interest for an academic audience.

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Aspect-Slope Maps in QGIS

While working with Naru to design our new 2nd year GIS methods training course (with parallel QGIS and ArcGIS streams!), I came across a rather striking map on the ESRI blog that managed to combine both slope (steepness) and aspect (direction) in a single representation. This post explains both a problem with the way that the colour scheme was specified and how to replicate this type of map in QGIS (with style sheet).