GIS and Urban Data Science – Special Issue

King’s Geocomputation members Yijing Li and Chen Zhong – along with colleague Qunshan Zhao – are guest editing a special issue of the journal, Annals of GIS. The call for papers on research in GIS and urban data science is now open. Read on for more details.

The rocketing generation of urban geo-data nowadays demands better understanding and interpretation of human interaction with contemporary society. Geoinformatics has been coined as a broad term for various technologies, approaches, processes, and methods, to integrate geospatial and informatics sciences, whilst combining various kinds of data. In an urban context this is often used to visualize the digital information from the society in which we are living, and to interpret socio-economic issues about human activities, for evidence-based decision making. 

In this era of big data, applying computational techniques in a geographically holistic sense is essential. Hence we are calling for your enthusiasm in presenting your geocomputation research on urban topics, including healthcare, safety and security, social deprivation, public services, education, housing, transportation and environment. The special issue of Annals of GIS on GIS and Urban Data Science calls for novel and original manuscripts that demonstrate research in all aspects of geoinformatics applications in an urban context with GIS support. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Geocomputation and urban analytics/informatics
  • GIS and urban data science application in
  • Healthcare
  • Crime
  • Housing and urban planning
  • Poverty and social deprivation
  • Tourism
  • Urban Governance and public services
  • Air pollution
  • Active travel and public transportation
  • Evidenced-based policy-making

For more details, including how to submit a paper, see: Submission Deadline is August 31st, 2020