GeoComputation – The Next 20 Years

Last December we held a workshop at King’s on the Future of Geocomputation. Now we’re looking forward to participating in another day of Geocomputation discussion, this time at the Royal Geographical Society Annual Meeting 2016 in London on 31st August.

Ed Manley, Nick Malleson, Alison Heppenstall and Andrew Evans are convening two presentation sessions and a panel discussion at the RGS conference, entitled GeoComputation – The Next 20 Years. The session name is a reference to the 1st International Conference on GeoComputation held in Leeds in 1996. Next year, another Leeds GeoComputation conference is planned to reflecting on the successes initiated by the original meeting started and to consider future directions.

In the meantime, at this year’s RGS Annual Conference geographers who use computational techniques will speculate on the future of this area of research. What will The Internet of Things mean for geography? What about group cognition modelling? In the first session of the day I will be speaking about some of the things we learned from our workshop in December. Then later in the day Jon and Faith will be on the panel for the discussion about where GeoComputation is heading and what we should look out for over the next 20 years.

Registration for the RGS Annual Meeting is now open, with earlybird registration closing Friday 10th June. Hope to see some of you there for lots of interesting discussions!