Better regulation through ‘Big Data’?

This Thursday 23rd June, Alex Griffiths from the School of Management & Business will give a seminar on the use of ‘big data’ in regulating public service provision. 

Better regulation through ‘Big Data’:
A triumph of hope over reality?

 Alex Griffiths, School of Management & Business, King’s College London
10:30-12:30, Thursday 23 June 2016
Room K1.26, King’s Building, King’s College London, Strand, London, UK

‘Big data’ enthusiasts often claim that data analytics is the key to better regulation and improved public service provision. By harnessing the power of big data, regulators can identify those service providers at greatest risk of non-compliance and target their interventions accordingly. This promises both to concentrate regulatory efforts where improvements are needed most, while freeing others from unnecessary scrutiny.  Whilst such data-led approaches have been widely adopted in the private sector, whether in credit scoring loan applicants, or recommending similar products to online shoppers, to what extent can they be successfully extended to the regulation of public services?

This seminar evaluates two extant data-driven approaches to regulating healthcare quality, before assessing whether machine-learning techniques can provide a more effective means of targeting regulatory resources in health and higher education. The presentation concludes with a discussion on the preconditions necessary for a successful ‘big data’ approach.

Directions: From main Strand reception, go straight ahead down the corridor. Turn left into the East Wing corridor just after the vending machine, the following rooms are up the small staircase to your immediate right: K1.26 (21B): King’s Building